Gabriela Pomplova

Serve your Soul Purpose

ANAHATA CHAKRA     Healing, affinity, breath


ANAHATA CHAKRA means unhurt, unstruck, fresh and clean. Its element is AIR that represents freedom, freshness, lightness and implies spaciousness. It represents breath.; the vital process that keeps our physical form alive. The heart chakra is YIN, cold, moon energy, inclined to letting go. We are the vehicle of love, its manifestation and expression. The heart chakra’s lotus has 12 petals engulfed in the green color of a cool tone of the moon. Love is the ultimate healing force. Anahata is therefore the integrator, unifier and healing center.




UNIVERSAL MANDALA enraptures us with the power of unity, oneness or togetherness. The hand makes us aware of the five elements (earth, water, fire, ether and air), doshas (qualities in ayurveda-VATA, PITTA, KAPHA), and five corresponding essential characteristics of our nature (Visionary Leader, Achiever, Poet, Sage and Soul). The finger nails resonate in a color of each CHAKRA (energy center) in accord with its respective element. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for a circle or completion. I perceive it as a Unity with the Cosmic Intelligence. The painting measures 18x24" .



WISDOM EYE BOX is one of the smaller boxes designed to store little keepsakes, amulets, minerals and a lot of other precious trinkits. The floral shape of the box represents the PROSPERITY where you can always choose to live. Tthe observing eye in the center  may give you the sense of security as if you were being watched and cared by the Universe. The eye lashes are made of a real feather.

MULADHARA CHAKRA    root support


MULADHARA CHAKRA is of crucial importance as it is a foundation of our entire system, a platform on which all the other chakras rest. It's a solid ground of our body, health, survival, material existence. It's the manifestation of the final form of consciousness; tangible. It's element is EARTH-PRITHVI and the energy vortex is slowly spinning in a deep red color, with four, red, lotus petals. It's located in the coccygeal spinal ganglion; at the base of the spine.

SVADHISTHANA CHAKRA   one's own abode


SVADHISTHANA is the second energy vortex along the spine that resonates in orange color. It's the center of sexuality, emotions, sensations, pleasure, nurturance and movement.  It's element is WATER-VAYU and it has the cooling energy of moon, CHANDRA, YIN,  the female aspect. The constant movement of water and its characteristics brings about a constant change.





MANIPURA CHAKRA or solar plexus energy center is located above the navel. It’s like the morning sun. It resonates with the yellow color and its characteristic element is AGNI-fire. It gives us the energy, power, self-esteem, a strong will. Its fiery quality supports our metabolism, burning the stuff. The corresponding aspect of who we are is the Achiever, whose primary qualities are commitment and action.



VISUDDHA CHAKRA is located in the throat. It's element is AKASHA-Ether, an unlimited sound. It has 16 lotus petals and vibrates in the bright blue color. It's is the purifier, associated with communication and creativity. The painting introduces two postures, which stimulate the thyroid gland, and thusly the energy vortex in the throat. The female and male aspects in every one of us is represented here via external duality by SARVANGASANA (shoulder stand)  pose performed by a male and HALASANA (plough) pose presented by a female.



JIVA MOKSA Screen is a three-fold screen to create a nice, airy, space-timely transformed atmosphere. It bring the nature's vibrations into your room. The high quality canvas panels make it sturdy and a long-lasting piece of furniture at your home or studio.




YOGA ASANA TREE  The sturdy and balanced composition of the tree of poses is expanded by the branches reaching to the sky. Feel the stretch and focus that the painting emanates. Feel the energy of SURYA & CHANDRA (sun and moon). Feel the spiraling energy and the flow of the whole. The picture measures 24x30" (save some extra space for the branched-out crown). It introduces 14 poses, growing from the bottom up: PARSVOTTANASANA, ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA, PADMASANA, ADHO MUKHA VRKSASANA, URDHVA PRASARITA EKAPADASANA, MATSYENDRASANA, EKA PADA USTRASANA, EKA PADA SALABHASANA, VIRABHADRASANA II, UTTHITA HASTA PADANGUSTHASANA, NAVASANA, VRKSASANA, PURVOTTANASANA, URDHVA PADMA MAYURASANA.



OM MANI PADME HUM is the universal mantra of Love and Compassion. It's a purifying mantra for our minds to become clear of impurities and thus, full of love, only. The lovingkindness emanates from the ANAHATA CHAKRA (cardial plexus energy center), gulfed in the green light, with 12 lotus petals. The person in DHYANA-meditation, flowers within light, serenity and peace. The human hands vs. the GARUDA-eagle wings, symbolize the two planes we are on, the secular vs. spiritual realm. The genuine bodhi leaves are fanned into a lotus crown of TURIYA, the transcendental state we may reach via meditation.



DHARMA LABYRINTH  Your feet are firmly grounded, standing at a threshold of your life journey. Plant the seeds of your adventure, your actions, for those seeds will grow and blossom into your experiences. There is a universal labyrinth laid before your feet here. It's a blueprint of your journeying. At the base of the flower bulb, there sits your AGNI/fire element that ignites the interest of unveiling the Unknown in you. You is the Universe and the Universe is you. Help finely carve the Universe by your experiences for this will become a help and support for others.



ETERNAL KNOT, Shrivatsa in Sanskrit, has no begining or end which symbolizes the infinite of wisdom and sound. SHRIVATSA represents the interweaving of our Spiritual as well as mundane Paths. The endless flow of time, the endless movement of thoughts, the union of matter. It is SAMSARA-the cyclic existence, that is bound by change and time. The painting measures 18x24"; mixed medium (acrylics, oils). There is a porcelain scarab beetle bead, shaping the body of the dragonfly. In Egypt, the scarabs protect against the illusion of an existing evil. The dragonflies are the reminder of the fleeting, ephemeral quality of life. I used the genuine coral fans to create the wings of this darting beauty. At the bottom of the painting, there are two symetrically laid out larvas and fern fiddleheads having the rebirth meaning.





ENERGY PADMAS or Lotuses flower at the back of our spine and each and one resonates with its color, seed sounds (BIJA MANTRAS) and has a particular number of petals. Each chakra=lotus has its own associated element and is interconnected with one another. The main NADI, channel, is pictured as a white line running through the medial plane of the painting. The other NADIS weaving through the lotuses from the bottom up to the SAHASRARA chakra (crown energy center). The pictures measures 10x30" and is complemented with tiny rocks' mosaic lacing the sides.



Is a symbol often mistakenly used by medical profession since the proper symbol for the medicine is a single serpent encircling the staff.

Here, in this particular painting, I intended to spotlight on the sexuality and our life energy we contain.

The two interwoven serpents represent the two primary NADIS (channels) IDA & PINGALA in the subtle body, which are female & male aspects, respectively.

The snakes are wrapped around a stick, that in the physical body, creates our spinal cord. On the subtle plane, its counterpart is SUSHUMNA, the main NADI. And it is in Kundalini yoga, where the coiled serpent, at the base of your spine, encapsulates your true potential to reach SAMADHI (self-realization) when awakened.

The inside of the loops glows with colors of our CHAKRAS (energy vortexes). The ball, sitting on top of the wand, pictures sun & moon, SURYA & CHANDRA, and mirrors female and male aspects as in the physical body similarly does the brain and its hemispheres. Both halves of the brain are quite necessary for a balanced understanding. The same applies to our energy aspects.

The climax of the energy exchange is pictured through the lotus flower, crowning on the winged staff, with its petals opening up to the Universal Source. The winged quality of the wand is in keeping with alchemical/astrological importance = fluidity, transformation, new beginnings.



MANDALA BOX  This flowering box is complemented with feathers which make it more fluffy. In the center of the lid there is a rounded ornamental "heart" from where the real bodhi leaves are star-ing in all directions. A unique mystical touch is given by the little sea glass stones. Made from recycled paper, varnished. It measures 10" all around and is 4" tall. It can be used for storing the YOGA teas, jewellery or other personal treasures.



BUDDHA EYES BOX Inspired by the Nepalese culture and design, I made an oval box featuring the Buddha's eyes. It imparts the tranquility and wisdom of Buddha. The box stands on three beaded legs and the feather lends it the lightness. It measures 6,5"Wx4,2"H.




This box is made of a recycled paper in Philippines. The hands code our individual uniqueness. They encapsulate the energy that represent us in the physical form.

Each finger introduces a source of 5 elements respectively, l FIRE/AGNI, l WATER/AP, l EARTH/PRITHVI, l AIR/VAYU and l ETHER/AKASH. Each CHAKRA-a vortex of energy, resonates with one of the elements as follows: The thumb, which is the seat of FIRE, associates with MANIPURA CHAKRA-the solar plexus energy region. The index finger stands for AIR, which is the element that is expressed through ANAHATA CHAKRA-the cardiac energy center. The middle finger symbolizes ETHER, that is linked with VISUDDHA CHAKRA, the throat energy vortex. The ring finger represents EARTH element that pertains to MULADHARA CHAKRA, the root chakra at the base of your spine, a coccygeal vortex in other words. The pinkie’s element is WATER and resonates with SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA, the sacral plexus energy center. The focal point of the palms resonates with the sacred syllable OM in a circle as a symbol of the spinning energy in what was, what is and what shall be.



OM BOX is made of balsa wood and its fragility is firmed with the wood beads and bamboo sticks. The lid is neatly crochetted and sewn to the back wall of the box. It measures 11x7x7" and provides enough space for storing all kinds of things, from photos to jewellery or personal keepsakes. The Om sign reminds us of an unlimitedness of our being. Therefore, it can be neat to assign this box to store your bills. In return, the box will remind you of your unlimited source of money :)