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SHANTI jewelry 











Mother Nature        &                    Lizard of Prosperity









BUDDHA  (measures cca. 26x34"; frame included) 

From bottom to top:

The bottom of the painting is radiating with a green glow of ANAHATA=heart chakra. It permeates throughout the picture and merges into the blue radiation of the throat chakra, VISSUDHA. The symbol of the heart energy center is a 6-pointed star made by 2 equilateral triangles while one points upward and the other downward. The downward-pointing triangle represents the descending APANA VAYU while exhaling whereas the upward-pointing triangle’s an ascending flow of PRANA VAYU while inhaling (VAYU-wind, force). Another representation of downward-facing triangle is, when the Earth, GAIA, rises to meet heaven and heaven lowers to meet earth at the meeting point of your heart. The heart is a healing center, and thusly the Staff of Asclepius, as a personification of medical or healing art, is depicted within the star. It‘s a balancing center. It balances the lower chakras with the higher ones and it‘s a half way to either direction (3 lower chakras, heart, and three higher chakras; together it makes 7 main chakras) . “At the heart we transit from the lower level of the LOVE OF POWER to the higher level of the POWER OF LOVE.” by Ganga White A finger print at the heart level stands for a sense of touch that is ANAHATA ‘s own. The ANJALI MUDRA, Salutation Seal (hands in prayer), creates a spine for the loving energy flowing from the heart. The VITARAKA MUDRA, gesture of teaching and knowledge, is pictured by two hands symmetrically at either side of the heart. A lotus flower (PADMA) rests on the right palm. Lotus is a symbol of a productive nature growing between spirit and matter. It also typifies purity and spiritual path of enlightenment. The left palm holds TRIRATNA, The Triple Jewel in Buddhism, which is Buddha, Dharma (Buddhist doctrine), and Sangha (Buddhist community). Buddhist recitation: “To the Buddha for refuge I go, to the dharma for refuge I go, to the sangha for refuge I go.” The throat area resonates in blue color of VISSUDHA. It’s sense is sound; streams of music meander out to the sides and up into the ears, the auditory receptors. The two snakes crawling out of the nostrils depict the two of main energy channels, NADIS; one of the lunar nature is IDA, the female aspect, and the other PINGALA is the male aspect of solar nature. Moving up toward AJNA chakra, the two-petal lotus of the third-eye energy vortex that has a key at hand to unlock the door to our new consciousness. The Buddha’s “hair” is symbolized via tapestry of finger prints. Each finger print is an encoded experience toward Self-realization. The YOGA VRKSA, tree of yoga, then unifies the dualities and in its crown, the pathways of SRIVATSA, the eternal knot, interlock as a symbol of interdependence (no independence!) and infinity. The Bodhi leaves, as a crown on the head, reminding us of Buddha’s enlightenment and at the same time represents SAHASRARA chakra (nirvana energy field), that it’s spanning to an auric field of SUPREME BINDU to become one with the creative wisdom.







AFFINITY expresses harmony, equilibrium and ultimate oneness with the energy that created us. The robust trunk of a tree is ascending, with its streching branches, toward the light; the source where we were never born and will never die. The lotus flower, as a pedestal, unfolds its petals and radiates the pure life force PRANA into our hearts. The duality of female/male beings flows through a dragonfly and out, higher, where it dissolves into the Universal source again. The darting dragonfly reminds us of not being affraid of exploring and going beyond the known as it flies freely in all directions. The painting measures 18x24"; acrylics & oils; in the dragofly's wings I incorporated fragments of the sea coral fan from Virgin Islands.




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